A great way to support the work of St Francis Social Services is by running a fundraiser.  Fundraising provides the opportunity to connect with friends and family and increase community cohesion by bringing people together to have fun while working towards a shared goal.

If you are interested in raising funds on behalf of St Francis Social Services, please .



Please note:

  1. St Francis Social Services and its projects cannot reimburse any expenses incurred by you or the organising team.  If a fundraiser needs to deduct expenses from their proceeds, details of the expenses must be accurately recorded and reported.
  2. St Francis Social Services are unable to provide insurance.
  3. Receipts will be issued by St Francis Social Services if requested.  Fundraisers requiring receipts for donors must supply the name, address and amount for each donation.
  4. Please make all cheques made payable to St Francis Social Services
  5. Any promotional material referring to St Francis Social Services or any of our projects and/or uses a service logo must be approved by us prior to use.