Case Workers assist people seeking asylum to access support services (including education, health, accommodation, legal support and other community activities.)

Case Work is offered to individuals and families seeking asylum who are living in the community. The process to seek protection can be daunting. Case Work clients often have multiple or complex needs, and may not know where to access support and relevant services. House of Welcome Case Workers link clients to a range of activities, advocate on behalf of clients for their entitlements and link them to other specialist services. Case Workers journey alongside clients and offer familiarity, stability and client-centered practice, in an often changing and unstable environment.

Outcomes of the Case Work program include preparing individualised case plans to identify areas of need and enabling clients to have agency to meet these needs.   

Case Workers focus on mitigating social isolation to enable better health and wellbeing for clients by advocating for:

  • Health services
  • Legal support
  • Accommodation
  • Education
  • Employment

The Case Work program is located at the House of Welcome Drop-In Centre, and is available every weekday. 

For more information please contact: Joanne Millington - 

For referrals please send to: