The Empowered to Work program provides pre-employment support and assistance to refugees and people seeking asylum. 

Volunteers work one-to-one with participants or deliver workshops to overcome challenges such as limited English language skills, applying for work in Australia and accessing education and training opportunities. 

Empowered to Work was developed in response to policy changes that granted work rights to people who were previously ineligible to work. 

Empowered to Work assists with:

  • resume and cover-letter writing
  • interview skills
  • online job-search
  • access to work experience opportunities
  • referrals to other training, support and job placement opportunities


Empowered to Work builds capacity, skills and confidence to enable participants to access employment and training opportunities. 

House of Welcome has strong working relationships with other organisations to link participants into paid work placements. This supported access to work experience directly assists with overcoming barriers to employment such as, the lack of experience in the Australian context. Participants receive local employer references and familiarity with broader employment requirements such as taxation and superannuation.

Empowered to Work is held every Wednesday at the House of Welcome, 197 The Trongate, Granville 2142, from 10.30am – 1.30pm 

For more information & referrals please contact:


Truth Be Told: Amplifying the voices of People Seeking Asylum

A project of Empowered To work program

People from the House of Welcome employment program, Empowered to Work, were trained and mentored by the Refugee Council of Australia in best practice methods to tell their stories. With professional guidance and care, they have been empowered to speak their truth to the public and draw our communities together.


Since then, our speakers have been employed to work with high school students, corporate volunteers, community groups and teaching staff from all over Sydney. On each occasion, guests have been moved by what they have heard, surprised by the diversity of experiences and inspired to take what they’ve heard back to their communities.


Truth be Told participants have been equally moved by the community interactions. 

“I felt honoured and proud to tell my story. While I was speaking I was thinking of good memories from home. The hardest part of telling my story was when I was talking about separating from my mother but I want to inspire people with my words.” Rebeeha

With each engagement, the speakers grow in confidence, build skills for future employment and increase their social capital.


Truth be Told enables people to speak, show who they are and be believed.


If you would like more information about booking one or more of our speakers, please contact Leonie Dyer 9727 9290 or