The Women’s Creative Hub facilitates community inclusion and empowerment for women seeking asylum by providing opportunities for social connection.

 The project provides a collaborative, supportive space where women seeking asylum, refugees and women from the wider community come together to connect socially through art and craft, sharing and learning creative skills. 

The Women’s Creative Hub creates opportunities to realise the value of international traditions, skills and cultures, it also provides opportunities to gain work experience and learn new skills. 

People seeking asylum can often be faced with community isolation due to language barriers, cultural differences and financial insecurity. They can also face barriers to stable employment opportunities due to a lack of local work experience or work-related references. 

The Women’s Creative Hub enables participants to develop skills that will assist them to bring their inherent and learned skills to market in Australia. Opportunities to earn an income and gain employment experience are created through participant driven market stalls while community connections are forged along the way. 

The Women’s Creative Hub is a combined initiative between House of Welcome, Cumberland Council and Community Migrant Resource Centre (CMRC). The hub operates from Auburn Centre for Community, 44A Macquarie Rd Auburn, every Thursday 11:30am – 1:30pm. 

All women from migrant and refugee backgrounds welcome. 

For more information please contact Suma Pillai: 9727 9290 /